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Your Questions Answered

Do I need a referral from a medical doctor to receive physical therapy?

No. In the state of Texas, you can receive PT services for up to 10 days following an evaluation before needing a medical referral. Because of my philosophy of empowering patients/clients with the tools and knowledge specific to their injury or mobility impairment, patients rarely need more than a few PT sessions before continuing with their own home exercise program or transitioning to a Wellness training program.
*If you have undergone a surgery within the past 30 days, I require a medical referral/clearance for physical therapy to ensure your safety and communication between all healthcare providers.

Do you accept insurance?

No. I DO NOT ACCEPT insurance of any kind. My cash rates are comparable to chiropractic clinics, outpatient copays, and personal training, though my services are one and one and in the comfort of your home using primarily tools you already have so that continued progress after treatment is more easily achieved.
Without the hassle of insurance, I aim to fulfill a philosophy of cutting out middlemen between healthcare providers and patients, and empowering patients with resources and confidence to take over their own health and mobility independently.
*I am unable to accept Medicare recipients as physical therapy patients. However, because Medicare does not cover wellness-based services, I am able to provide you with wellness training if you are not currently engaged in a Medicare-covered PT program. These wellness services include: 
Nutrition for Better MobilityPersonal Fitness TrainingSports Conditioning + Injury Prevention

What is the difference between physical therapy treatment and wellness training?

During physical therapy treatment, we will specifically treat musculoskeletal injuries or dysfunctions and will focus on healing injured tissues via specific exercises targeting the movement systems involved in the injury or dysfunction.  
During wellness training, you can choose different types of training, unlimited in number of sessions and with no expiration date. Wellness training is still individual goal-based and may target certain tissues, i.e. maintaining quad strength following PT treatment for a knee injury via personal fitness training, but will not be aimed at treating an active injury.
*Contact me to find out if your situation warrants a physical therapy evaluation and treatment prior to beginning a wellness program.

Am I able to receive a physical therapy evaluation or treatment virtually, via video-chat?

Yes. All services are available virtually, including physical therapy via Zoom chat. I will also provide you with written resources via email/text following the evaluation. Contact me for a free 15 min. consultation via phone (or send me an email) to see if physical therapy may be what you need to improve your health and mobility.

Do my sessions ever expire?

No. You can use any wellness session visit or package at any time and for any type of service. *I do require a medical referral or clearance for PT services if you have had surgery within the past 30 days.

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