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Nutrition for Better Mobility

  • Did you know that most medical school programs include only a single lecture, sometimes only 30 minutes long, on nutritional science? There is no wonder why people are either left with bad advice to “eat less and move more,” which oversimplifies the impact of hormones and other factors or are left looking for answers for themselves on the internet.

  • Nutritional science is not only lacking in the outpatient setting, but even in acute and subacute places of healing, or so they are called, patients are  often given advice that is lacking and are fed from meal plans devoid of nutrients and heavily laden with ingredients actually known to facilitate disease. I witnessed this firsthand while working in skilled nursing units across the country.

  • My aim is to combine knowledge obtained from my university education, including nutritional studies, and years of independent study of nutritional science, holistic healing, and herbal remedies, along with my passion for reviewing current literature to give you a hand from the depths of your google searches to teach you how to the apply the latest research infused with traditional knowledge that has become lost in today’s fast-paced world.

  • Mobility-minded nutrition sessions are aimed to help you understand how to understand how what you eat can impact things such as:

    • Healing rate after injury

    • Symptoms associated with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

    • Sports performance and injury prevention

    • Weight management

    • Risk for diseases including cardiac, neurocognitive, and psychological conditions

  • During this approximately one hour session, we will explore your current diet and potential modifications that could help you on the path to your goals. I will also provide a session recap email including recommendations, reading materials, and any other relevant additional resources.

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