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Sports Conditioning + Injury Prevention

Are you looking for a competitive edge using science-based methods to both maximize your (or your child’s) athletic performance while also decreasing risk for injury?

I will bring the sports training to you at your home (or mine), the sports park, or a preferred location, where we will use a holistic approach to:

  • Evaluate your movement systems to fine tune your athletic performance

  • Utilize research-based outcome measures that can detect risk for injury + demonstrate your progress over time

  •  Create an individualized exercise plan for both in session + a home exercise plan

Why Aum?

My sports and injury experiences are what led me to becoming a physical therapist. I have since refused to “give up” playing the sports I love, or accept limitations. During my recovery and continued performance, I have found plenty of tools and methods I will share with you so that you can learn from both my personal and clinical experience helping athletes return to sport after injury.

These sessions may include:

  • Functional sports and conditioning testing

  • Personalized exercise instruction

  • Technique modifications or adjustments to current exercise plan

  • Personalized home exercise plan

Group sports conditioning + injury prevention clinics are also available and can (but do not have to) include cold immersion (ice bath) training. Contact me for details.

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