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Physical Therapy Evaluation + Treatment

Low back pain? Sports injury? Pain or difficulty performing your usual activities?
…Continue reading to see how Aum Therapeutic Resources can take your training to the next level.

  • I have worked in a variety of clinical settings as a traveling PT and have since focused on home health and outpatient orthopedic care. Now, I aim to unite my passion for home health and orthopedics by bringing outpatient physical therapy to your home.

  • I have found that the key to successful outcomes are: one on one training, a holistic method, and providing patients with all relevant knowledge related to the injury, and tools to maximize their own ​rehab process.

  • A PT evaluation includes:

    • A review of your history and goals

    • A complete movement exam

    • A holistic assessment of contributing factors outside of local injury

      •  While you may think you have a hand or wrist problem, for instance, your problem may be stemming from your neck. Likewise, hip pain often originates from the low back, and poor thoracic spine mobility can contribute to shoulder pain. Using a holistic approach to evaluate and treat musculoskeletal injuries not only improves outcomes, but also ensures lasting success and confidence following conclusion of PT.

  • Because you will receive knowledge for continued exercise and self-guided treatment, rarely are more than a few visits required before transitioning to a Wellness program.

  • When you would require a medical doctor’s referral:

    • If you have had a surgery within the past 30 days

    • If your treatment continues >10 days following your PT evaluation (this is Texas law).

*See FAQ regarding Medicare recipients

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